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luxury holiday to the Philippines

How to arrange your custom luxury holiday to the Philippines ?

The Philippines is one of the dream travel destinations that are growing in popularity around the world. The stunning white sandy beaches, private resorts, and activities provide a perfect setting for a holiday trip. With more than 7000 islands, organising your holiday…

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falls hopping

Falls Hopping in Iligan City

In Iligan City, falls hopping is the only thing to do. Really. I was told that there are more than 20 waterfalls in this city, and that one needs to stay for two weeks in able to see most of it….

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Sky-High Adventure in Maragusan

It was past 6 a.m. when I arrived in Maragusan. A landmark with a message that reads, “Welcome to Maragusan, the summer capital of the Davao region”greeted me. Baguio in Davao? I was surprised. Maragusan is located in Compostella Valley’s highland…

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