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Visit The Philippines!

The Philippines, a destination called paradise for more than a reason!

The Philippines' unique history

The Philippines is a cultural paradise
of its own

The result of more than three centuries of Spanish rule, Catholicism is predominant in The Philippines. Of this colonial period exuberant fiestas have survived until nowadays as well as a unique Spanish-Filipino architecture with ancient stone churches. Shopping malls, fast foods and the ubiquitous English language show the influence of the Americans, who succeeded the Spaniards. Despite these foreign occupations, the country has maintained its own identity.

We can also findd a strong survival of pre-Hispanic traditions in the Philippines, especially in the ethnic groups of The Cordillera Central as the Ifugao whose hillside rice terraces is one of the main attractions of the country. Contact with Christianity has also equipped all the towns with baroque churches as the centers of community life and with religious holidays which are just as picturesque as those of India or Indonesia...